Chains of Resistance

Lisa Mary Armstrong

The hands of men bind me
[yet] I have all this strength inside me
They defend the right to protect me
and the right to oppress me

Undressing me with their eyes
Covering me with their lies
Stealing my light 
and thunder
watching as I go under

I extricate my sense of self
I liberate, emancipate
and hold on to my little wealth
as they leave mere scraps on a plate

You’ve gone astray
rogue woman
expanded your mind
bow down 
and accept your fate
don’t bother
with the pearly gates

Is it wrong to hope for better? 
for our daughters
and our sons
I only know how to resist 
aren’t they the lucky ones

Lisa Mary Armstrong lives in South Lanarkshire, Scotland with her children.  She tutors law and researches women and children's experiences of the criminal justice system.  In what's left of her spare time she likes to write poetry and fiction, drink tea and tinker on her piano