Unchained is a story culminating 25 different artists together as they fill the pages with their ideals, hopes, fears, resistance, rebellion, and power. 

As you delve into it, we hope you find symphony as you glide from one outstanding piece to the next. We hope you feel the emotions that speak through them. We hope you find what you’re looking for here. And then take something back even if you weren’t. Welcome aboard to our chaotic beautiful canvas that is our very first issue.

Welcome to Unchained.

We are ecstatic to have you here and wish you smooth sailing over the next few pages.

Here's to humble beginnings. 

Poetry, Prose & Beyond

Miss Tilly by Lannie Stabile 

Next Door Nancy With The Stringy Hair by Courtney LeBlanc

Let Me Tell you My Favorite Story About My Granny
by Rhiannon Willson

Thatha by Sanjana Rajagopal

Take My Hand by Umar Yogiza Jr

Dancing For Beginners (Living For Beginners) by Aiswarya Garlapati 

Dance by Sylvia Sánchez Garza 

Dust of Dreams by Makaila Aarin

You are the Ankh by J Snow


Dishonour by Adritanaya Tiwari

The Circle of Pain by Dr. Manjusha Hari 

Chains of Resistance by Lisa Mary Armstrong 

She is the Raging Piece in the Periscope by Fareedah Agberemi

A Shy Girl by Samantha Rivas 

The Question and The Answer by Stephanie Parent 


Liquid Route by Umar Yogiza Jr

Riddles of Life by Adeola Wasiu 

Wake Up Routines by Stephanie Powell

The Prometheus Within by Anisha Kaul 

Want by Rida Akhtar Ghumman

Note From An Ailing Poet by Prachi Sinha

Visual Art & Photography

A Way Out(Cover) by Michelle King

Escape Rooms by Valencia Washington

The Taming Of The Hair by Sonia Charales

Cold Freedom by Lori Graham