Liquid Route

Umar Yogiza Jr.

this liquid route –full of potholes
bumps, timeless mourning & funeral
is the un-healable scar in our body
it's the only escape route out of
this engraved prison in our body
maintain by violence & un-worthiness
the maze route open is quirky-innocent
& ready to absorb any escapee or refugee
the liquid border between comfort &
austerity is a bruise full of piercing beacons
the signs are epitaphs on the mouth
of living graves, where death whispers
another funerary herd to diaspora
lost at sea, another mishap to be forgotten
anthology of liquidize voyagers
martyrs blended mutely with the sea
Africa is the colour of water & sand
sea does not protect inviolable ones
he said, "I’ll run away from a homeland 
scourging my back with lashes day and night;
From a woman who doesn’t know how
to feed my soul from her body’s nectar.
"I’ll run from everything,
nonchalantly embrace demise."

no one listens, "You’ll die at sea.
Your head rocked by the roaring waves,
your body swaying in the water,
like a perforated boat.
In the prime of youth you’ll go,
shy of your 30th birthday." he said

"Departing early is not a bad idea;
but it surely is if you die alone
with no woman calling you to her embrace:
“Let me hold you to my breast,
I have plenty of room.
Let me wash the dirt of misery off your

Abdel Wahab Yousif is destined to go
helpless, like all others —who are ready
& escaping as new development
home turned to heavy wheel of destruction
running over life’s body
you either risk or wait the wait of messiah

Umar Yogiza Jr. is an award-winning poet, builder, and photographer. He’s the National Publicity Secretary North. He lives and writes between Lafia and Abuja Nigeria, where God and the Devil toss the coin of his life.