Let Me Tell You My
Favourite Story About My Granny

Rhiannon Willson

My granny looks like she is made of glass,

looks like you need to handle her as

delicately as you would the fine china

she lays out for tea. She is eighty-four

years old, has hip replacements on

both sides and cataracts in her eyes

but she’ll be damned if that stops her

going to play badminton every Friday.

My granny is a living legend, everything

I want to be wrapped up in one woman.

Let me tell you my favourite story about

her. She’s travelled the world, spent her

younger years in flight, set foot in Europe,

America, the Middle East, she’s the most

well-travelled person I know, has friends

in every country I’ve ever been to and a

story for every place you could point to

on a map. That’s not my favourite part,

though. My favourite part is that when

my granddad asked her to marry him

she said not yet.

She wasn’t done with flying yet.

Rhiannon Willson is a poet who spends her spare time playing scrabble with old ladies and trying to learn how to roller skate. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 5050 Lit, Dreams Walking, Sturgeon Review & more. Find her on Twitter @rhiannonwillson & her website, rhiannonwillson.co.uk