Riddles of Life

Adeola Wasiu

What tale should I tell about life?
Where conundrum proclaimed as the domicile
I was in the young prime with my brain sparkling
With anguish and defeat coloring my fate
I'm like the fraying soil, weeping for rain;
Diving the path of obstacles with a sprain.

I was disturbed, likewise depressed
With many thorns piercing my fate
Sorrowful sound up roaring in my head
Like a thunderstorm striking the air
My heart's scared I'm dying in fear
Is life's company not meant for me?

Slowly getting hurt no one noticed
I screamed till my throat bleed
I clamour every night whether my voice could be heard
Not even a single soul is there to condole me
Many were the questions raging in my head
Searching for the answer I lost my hope


In the middle of the way I stumbled
Life isn't fair to me every day I felt distressed
Is this a sin my generation committed?
My heart pumped the question
I'm thirsty beside the riverbank of life;
I wish I could get what my heart craves to quench.

Adeola Wasiu O. /Majestic~pen is an aspiring writer drawing his experience of life through poetry, for life has different edges. And that's the reason why he chose this path or maybe it's written in his fate to be a writer who knows?