Rida Akhtar Ghumman

Unstoppable poetry of the pen, 
Existential allegory, 
A recurring love, 
Kisses of autumn, 
But what do I really want?
Of course books, many.
A cottage by an alien beach
And fishermen for friends.
And children, preferably a lot,
Not necessarily mine.

To smile with flowers,
And sow seeds of solace
Everywhere, around, in the heart,
To live beyond banality, 
Tenderly and superficially bored.
But where does that stand?
Suspended like decolonial metaphors,
In a deviant limbo
Against capitalist actuality
And ideas of resistance, 
Facades of hope convincing for real
Faces of dexterously woven identity
Waiting to ameliorate murky dreams.


Rida Akhtar Ghumman is a student of English Literature, based in Pakistan, currently working in creative corporate marketing. She can be reached on Twitter and Instagram at @RidaAkhtar_