You are the Ankh

J Snow

the silence told me about you, 
the child hidden within his homespun
papier-mâché prison
you didn't witness the virescent vines reach 
heavenward in ache for the blister 
of an awakening sun or listen to the twirls of the 
Wood Thrush birdsong 
flitter across dawn as it crests the horizon
another season has passed
you were born a zinnia, hair like wisps
of butterfly secrets, voice 
as dainty as dewdrops, skin as soft as snowfall
you pluck your petals as they grow then crush 
them underfoot 
to disrupt your hunger, deny its existence
you are not a smeared painting the color of death 
metal lyrics, 
a urine name in a snowbank, 
gravel grunts of emotions withheld
you cannot see the mourning trees shed
warm tears for you, 
the breeze hum you a lullaby, rustle the dead 
foliage of your surrender
another season has come

J Snow is a poet/author whose work has been described as disturbing, visceral, haunting, and evocative. Pulling inspiration from personal experience as an abuse/abduction survivor, her writings provide readers a peek inside the splintered psyche of a trauma victim. Her published works include two in a best selling series of Hellbound Books, one in an award-winning Author's Tale collection, others by Horrified Press, Zombie Pirate Publishing, Nothing Books, The Horror Zine, Sirens Call, Soft Cartel Magazine, and Ariel Chart. J Snow is currently working on a memoir series and debut novel.