The Circle Of Pain

Dr. Manjusha Hari

There is a circle to live,
this rigid path
from birth to death.
the fence of 'don't'
defines the purity
the worth living life
is a mystery.
I want to rewrite
the repeating lines!
So, for me
there is some days―
I will
cry ceaselessly,
bloom like a rain forest,
lay down like a barren desert,
crawl like a snail,
taste every flavor of love,
Shut the world out,
Celebrate the swings
Burn my shattered dreams,
Case aside you all,
Hide in my poetry,
Sleep like a ladybug,
Ignite like a volcano
Or stay like a monk
There is some days 
like this!
How may lives!
I've to go away,
from the repeating irony..
Just rewriting
the permanent scripts
from the walls of life...

Dr. Manjusha Hari is a writer and teacher by profession residing in Kerala, India. Reading, writing and dreaming are her life. She has published two solo poetry collections and four anthologies. She also writes in magazines and research journals.