The Prometheus Within

Anisha Kaul

The supreme benefactor 
Warmly revoked to mind 
        Charged with theft of the Olympic fire
         Met vengeance on the Caucasus range
For supper, unwanted guests he hosted 
Until mighty Heracles came to his release
         A spark of the heavenly flame
         Prometheus secretly withheld 
The same sustained him each passing day 
While his perpetrator awaited eternal revenge   
         Of him Aeschylus sang 
         Of him Mary and Percy sang   

Anisha Kaul is a poet with Masters in English Literature. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in Kingz Daily, Dwelling Literary, The Minison Project, Beir Bua Journal, Small Leaf Press, Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine, and Visual Verse, among others. You can reach out to her on Twitter @anishakaul9.